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Commercial Ceiling Refurbishment.


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Restore your ceilings with the refurbishment specialists in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa. Coustic-Glo Midwest specializes in ceiling refurbishment, chandelier cleaning, stainless steel cleaning, kitchen & industrial cleaning, sanitation & tile cleaning, acoustical & vinyl ceiling cleaning, deodorizing and more. 

We also offer commercial services in hotels, event centers, offices, manufacturing / industrial spaces, medical, retail, restaurant spaces and heavily trafficked public spaces. You spend most of your life under ceilings. Bring them back to life, stay healthier and save money. 




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Before / After. Most businesses don't realize how dirty their ceilings are until they are cleaned, degreased and brightened to improve the overall look. Ensure a brighter, fresher, healthier environment for your employees and your customers!

Services We Offer.

Refurbish, don't replace. Save your company thousands.

Acoustical Ceiling Cleaning & Deodorizing.

Scope of Service: To include cleaning acoustical portions of ceiling whether blown, textured or tiled. In addition, all non-porous items such as T-bars, HVAC vents and intakes, speaker covers, sprinkler rings, can lights, fluorescent light diffuser frames and exit signs are cleaned in detail. 

Wall Cleaning, Restoration & Vinyl Wall covering Tinting Service. 

Scope of Service: To clean all types of wall coverings with Vapor Clean to restore cleanliness and remove odor. Vinyl wall coverings can be restored to original color or may be custom colored to the properties requirements. 

Acoustical Ceiling Resurfacing / Fire Retardation.

Scope of Service: To acoustically resurface and improve the flame and smoke retardation of acoustical ceilings whether blown or tiled. When applicable, applied to T-bars as well as tiles. Product can be applied as a separate service or in conjunction with the cleaning service. It may be applied in any color. It adds to acoustical abilities of ceiling. It will retain or improve the fire and smoke ratings. It will not add weight, seal up fissures or bond to each other or the T-bars. It will not cause tiles to buckle, warp or roll

Grid Recovering System.

Scope of Service: To cover suspended ceiling grids which have become unacceptable due to rust, aging, or paint. All T-bars, intersections and T-connections will be completely covered. Available for all 1" Standard T-bars in white or black. 

ADDitional Coustic-Glo Services

  • Ceiling Replacement
  • Fluorescent Light Diffuser Cleaning
  • Vinyl Wall Cleaning
  • Stainless Steel Cleaning and Polishing
  • Fabric Wall Cleaning
  • Cubicle Divider Cleaning
  • Chandelier Cleaning
Coustic-Glo Ceiling Repair

About CousticGlo®

Coustic-Glo® International are pioneers in the field of research and development of speciality cleaning and restoration products. 

We add a new concept to the building maintenance and renovation industry and our non-toxic and bio-degradable products will assist all institutions achieve their increasingly stricter targets for recycling and use of low VOC products.

Whatever your ceiling or wall problem contact Coustic-Glo® 
for the correct solution.

Benefits of Coustic-Glo International

  1. Independently Recognized Testing Facilities.
    1. Laboratories continually test our products for Air Quality, Sanitizing, Light Reflectance, Flame Spread, Smoke Density and Sound Absorption.
  2. Government Opinions / Approvals:
    1. U.S. Departmet of Agriculture
    2. Department of Health
    3. Education & Welfare
    4. OSHA & California OSHA
    5. California State Fire Marshall (fire retardancy)
    6. FDA & EPA
  3. Our products have been approved by architectural specifications. (specifications, approvals and testing is available upon request)


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